10 reasons why vegan food is great to share from Áine Carlin

Veganism often has a solitary label. Visions of people eating granola, alone, in loft-type apartments decorated only with yoga mats and slightly too well-kept plants. The difficult situation of the vegan is to live a lonely life with only avocados for friends and some strange night in the radish without alcohol. A Charlie Brown-like cloud hovers over them, as they spend their boring, glamorous days with nothing in sight. Too bad the vegan, because they don’t know how much fun they’re missing out on.

Or so some people might think because veganism is really fun and the food is really good; so good, you could say, you can’t think of anything better than sharing it. Here’s why;

Everyone can eat vegan food making it the perfect choice for buffets because it removes the question mark (can I? can’t I?) from literally every dish. Make sure it is completely gluten free and you are sure to have food allergy friends for life!

It’s super easy to do and the likelihood of someone suffering from food poisoning is basically eradicated … hashtag #winning

The sour cream of cashews is essentially the new hummus – and we know how people love their hummus. Grease it with cookies, load it into tacos or baked potatoes and the audience will enjoy it.

Vegan food makes people talk (… can you believe this is really vegan? !!) which makes it the ultimate icebreaker. Boom!

Plant-based foods are super colorful and vibrant, and is also kind to the planet; if that doesn’t bring a smile to people’s faces, I don’t know what it will do.

Most are perfect to do in advance, which means you’re free to enjoy the party (or the reunion, or the discreet brunch, whatever) without worrying about cooking too much in the kitchen. Pass the Prosecco, please come in!

It’s the only way to break those vegan stereotypes we only talk about eating – once they take care of us (and our bellies don’t resonate) it will allow us to talk about other things. How hemp and rainforests are rapidly declining.

It’s the only way to make sure your friends and family get five a day. Load them with kale massage salads and pair well with tahini sauce for a party combo.

It’s a great way to show your opponents that you can actually eat pizza – and show that a sunflower seed dressing can easily rival the real one. Seriously, though. Sunflower seed dressing. You heard it here first.

Because the main goal of any vegan gathering should be to eat cake, drink gin and have fun. … And you can do all these things and be 100% vegan.


Áine Carlin is the author of Keep it Vegan, The New Vegan and Cook Share Eat Vegan.
Connect to their website: peasoupeats.com.

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