12 Best Natural Soaps For Men That Are Gentle & Actually Work


With that out of the way, some do prefer gentle, plant-based formulas with a more masculine-geared experience. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. You see, natural-leaning soaps generally use plant-based surfactants (often coconut-derived) for a foamy lather, which tends to be far more soothing than traditional detergents and sulfates. As a result, they effectively clean your skin without stripping it dry — no “tight” post-rinse feeling. (Still, make sure to follow up with a body lotion to trap in all that moisture.)

Quick note: All of these picks below rely on naturally-derived ingredients, but not all of them are completely, 100% natural. Some do include safe synthetic preservative systems, as no one wants bacteria in their body wash, but you can trust that the cleansing agents and actives are plant-derived.

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