12 Signs & Effects On Children


Me, myself, and I. And nobody else should ever dare to steal the spotlight.

This is what a narcissist mother is essentially about.

While a healthy amount of self-love is important, so we respect and care for ourselves — and also show others how we should be treated — the narcissistic mother is all about her. She believes she is entitled to that, and she is incredibly self-absorbed. It’s one rule for her and another rule for everyone else.

Whether she is a grandiose narcissist who needs to be the loudest or shine the brightest or the vulnerable kind who has to compete about who’s suffered the most, she lacks empathy for everyone except herself. Sometimes, it’s a combination of the race to the bottom and the top. And she may even enjoy watching her own children suffer, as she plays out her manipulative machinations.

When we say narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) in psychology and psychiatry, what we’re really meaning by “personality disorder” is that this pervades their functioning in life, affecting their relationships, careers, and well-being. Hence, the qualifier “personality.” And someone with NPD will notand cannotchange.

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