3 Mindfulness Practices To Deepen Intimacy With Your Partner

3. Sit back-to-back for five to eight minutes. “Begin to breathe deeply into your belly up into the heart space, letting go through the mouth,” says Kimi. “Naturally, you’ll notice your breath start to link.”

4. “End with this healing prayer, ‘Thank you, I love you, please forgive me.’ Send this message to yourself, to your inner childto your partner, and to the unit of your partnership, “says Moon.

5. Gaze into each other’s eyes in silence for 30 seconds to a minute. “The trust built on an energetic level during this practice is powerful,” she says.

6. Join for a long heart-to-heart connection hug.

7. End by sharing your responses to the three prompts with each other. “It’s easy to take each other’s presence for granted. It’s really nice to hear these sweet simple things and be reminded of the support, gratitude, and fun in the partnership.”

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