3 Oral Health Tips To Practice, From A Regenerative Dentist


We simply don’t talk about oral care enough in beauty. Your smile is, arguably, one of your most important features — and yet the content real estate it’s allotted is paltry in comparison to skin care, hair, makeup, and the like. Perhaps one of the reasons beauty editors don’t talk about it as much is because we’ve been led to believe that oral care is straightforward — while the woes of skin care are far more complicated.

However, after speaking with biologic restorative dentist Gerry Curatola, DDS, in this episode of Clean Beauty School, I realized that I had much to learn about oral and smile care. Be sure to tune in — we talk about an assortment of fascinating topics like how breathing affects your skin, the mouth-body connection, and how to actually care for gums. Here, three unexpected oral care tips from the episode:

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