4 Tips For Cultivating An Inviting, Warm Space Online

It is incredibly easy to compare our own online spaces to those of others. Who has more followers or gets more likes? Who is growing faster than we are or is more popular? I didn’t create it my online healing community with a goal of growth. I never believed my account would draw in large numbers and high engagement. The growth was organic. It is the result of being vulnerable. Followers are drawn in when they can find themselves in the content. They stay when they are encouraged to be active members of the space and feel heard, seen, valued, appreciated, and loved.

Create a visually appealing space in which you share your story with pride and strength. Cultivate a space that is warm and inviting by being a grounding source of support for others. Engage, engage, engage. Support others who are working, like you, to change conversations and promote healing.

Always be sensitive to vulnerable users. Always err on the side of caution when sharing messages. Always disclose that these are experiences, not medical / expert advice. Always prioritize your mental, physical, and emotional health. You are here to heal too.

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