7 Reasons Why You Should Go Mountain Biking in Nepal

We all know that Nepal is the most prominent as the center of fearless mountain biking all over the world and is surrounded by beautiful and stunning canyons, the highest picturesque peaks and unique places. If the rider calls himself a mountain bike specialist without reaching Nepal, then for him the story lives unconvincing.

The small country is the base of Buddha and Buddhism and culture, territory and natural fantasy. Undoubtedly, a trip through Nepal is also endless and extraordinary for a lifetime, and joining Nepal to your included areas will add golden memories to your mountain biking history.

Reasons why you should go mountain biking in Nepal

Top reasons why you should go mountain biking in Nepal

Read on to learn more about all the wonders of Nepal for mountain bikers.

1. Not one, but eight amazing peaks to run with your bike

We already know that Nepal has been a great destination for mountain bikers for eons. If you assume that all the roots of greatness are on Everest, you are probably wrong. Apart from the highest peak in the world, Nepal has been known to have eight more peaks.

These eight dead ends of Nepal are Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Dhaulagiri Manaslu, Cho Oyu, Annapurna and Lhotse.

Therefore, if you are preparing to enter Nepal for mountain biking, Everest should also be part of your plan. Make sure your heart and equipment are well-implemented to keep you going, as well as achieving deadly endings with bike rides.

2. The tracks and trails are amazing

We have heard its diversity and distinction, which terrain marks the exceptional path to entertain the motorcyclist, and for Nepal, natural turns in topography are common. However, the best attraction of Nepalese cycling trails is their incredibly well maintained for centuries.

Undoubtedly, these trails are religiously used by residents and travelers and are different from the deadly extremes of Nepal. Once again, known as the longest and highest trails in the world, the great Himalayan trail also has the final drinking water route available.

3. Nepal is the origin of Momo’s: the most beautiful dough balls ever!

Without a doubt, for all range cyclists, no-frills food is a must. Momos are manageable, fresh, meals, tailor-made for gray cyclists. They are made from fermented flour rolled into balls with chicken, pork, beef, vegetables and more.

Momos are eaten with all sauces, such as schezwan, as well as mayonnaise and ketchup. Nepal even stores various colors of momos, from green to orange and from white to brown. So if you order soup between trips, your tummy will bless you!

4. Nepal is the basis of Buddha and Buddhism

Many of us are spiritually dissatisfied. This is a great opportunity for mountain bikers where spiritual growth, healing and comfort come with the mountains and trails covered by history. In Nepal, spiritual growth is needed.

Surrounded by the soothing mantras and psalms of Buddhist cloisters, Nepal is a must-see destination for fans of spirituality.

5. A versatile destination

Crossing from the rich green and the comforting peace of the creepy peaks of Everest, Nepal has everything a mountain biker is looking for. From stunning valleys to cosmic canyons, the country is a photogenic journey and has a perfect amalgam of wild conifers with city emotions.

This country is honored by its multilingual, multiethnic and multicultural system, unlike most countries. That is why tourists will have a great holiday as they are appreciated all over Nepal and even praised by its citizens!

6. Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley is honored to have seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites; therefore, it is perfect for a full day excursion, trotting or trekking through Nepal as a feast for sight and breath.

Just a day of mountain biking to get to all the historically significant places to tour Nepal’s largest.

7. Nepalese citizens are sweet and amazing

In most major Asian destinations, tourists are also guests or respected gods in Nepal. Nepalese are popularly known for being the friendliest people compared to famous tourist destinations around the world.

So Nepalese people are always looking to greet and befriend someone, from being greeted with a bright smile to a bowl of fresh, warm momos.

Final words on mountain biking in Nepal

Nepal is definitely a dream come true for cyclists. You will love the people, the food, the mountainous regions, the peace and quiet and the tranquility (outside Kathmandu). Here, everything about the country is attractive.

If it’s certainly not the most prosperous country for cycling, we don’t know what else it is. Although the adventure experience will always stay with you, so ride until the chain breaks!

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