8 Pre and After Ski Stretches To Do Before You Hit The Slopes


“Stretching pre- and post- [ski] is essential for mitigating injury, ”says Robyn Fog-Wiltse, MA, former competitive skier, obstacle course racer, and founder of Sasquatch Training. “It’s a little tricky, though. We don’t want to static stretch too much before skiing, unless you already have a chronically over-tight muscle group that you’ve already been working on. ”

Fog-Wiltse, who has a masters in human physiology from New York Medical College, recommends dynamically warming up your sacrum, hip sockets, and IT bands before and after embarking on a downhill day, noting that most ski injuries occur in the ankles, knees , and hips. These catastrophic injuries typically happen when athletes do not effectively stabilize the body when zooming across a slope. “If you are going around a corner… and standing too far upright, when you wipe out, you’re probably going to wreck your knee in a big, spiral motion,” she says.

We asked Fog-Wiltse for her top eight stretches for skiers hitting the slopes this season, and she created this no-nonsense circuit that’s quick and easy for powder enthusiasts at any skill level.

First, a few quick tips: Bring a portable foam roller along to help you release tight muscles prior to getting back into the car, use dynamic stretches before skiing and static stretches afterand be sure to always stretch on a solid surface like a wood floor or hard-packed snow.

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