A Cardiologist’s “Reverse Juicing” Hack For Extra Antioxidants


There’s a reason berries are so often hailed by nutrition experts: These tart, juicy fruits are bursting with antioxidants — namely, polyphenols. Technically a subgroup of antioxidants, these powerful, plant-based nutrients (aka phytonutrients) have been associated with a variety of health benefits, from heart health to glowing skin to a long life span; * as a result, we’re always in the mood for a midday fruit break or decadent, berry-rich recipe.

Well, fellow berry fans, you’ll want to check out cardiologist Steven Gundry, MD‘s latest trick: On the mindbodygreen podcastGundry shares how to extract even more polyphenols from these already nutritious and delicious berries — he calls it “reverse juicing.”

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