A Makeup Artist’s Tutorial For Double or “Fishtail” Eyeliner


“The fresh take on a feline flick is equal parts classic and futuristic,” says makeup artist Alexandra Compton, product development manager at I think. Futuristic, thanks to the geometric, graphic elements; classic, thanks to its timeless, bold edge. “It’s safe to assume Cleopatra totally rocked this style of eyeliner,” Compton adds, and it also bubbled up in the K-beauty space about five years ago. Its most recent skyrocket is largely due to the elevated iterations on Euphoria (don’t worry, no spoilers); you may have noticed Lexi Howard — portrayed by Maude Apatow—Donning fishtail liner during the season two finale.

And as we referenced above, these sculpted lines effectively lift and widen the eye areaa helpful trick that flatters any eye shape and makes it pop. There are tons of ways to spice it up (we’ll explain more below), but the foundation of fishtail liner really only takes a few steps:

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