A Spiritual Activist Unpacks The Problem With Modern Spirituality


My mother. I am a first-generation daughter to immigrants. My mother put her life on the line while pregnant with me to leave our homeland, Cuba, out of faith for a better life. What she went through since arriving in this country has been absolutely heartbreaking.

The struggle that immigrants in this county have to endure is awful. I didn’t understand this when I was younger because I, myself, was going through extreme abuse in all ways, and I separated myself from her. I wanted to leave so badly that I ended up homeless as a teen for a while until I found my jogging.

My mother and I had real hardships and massive mountains in our paths. I was traumatized, scared, abused, and lost in life due to all the hardships we went through, and to be honest, I didn’t start to reconnect with her until I started on my own healing journey.

When I started to see how capitalist society and racist systems affected her well-being, I grew compassionate and understood that what we went through wasn’t her fault.

Watching my mother allow herself to heal through connecting back with me has been inspirational. Each time we get together, it gets easier to tell her I love her. I now know she did the best she could with what she had while also going through mental health issues that no one cared about.

This is why spiritual activism means so much to me; it is more than liberating ourselves, it is also liberating our parents, grandparents, and ancestors.

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