A Supplement That Goes Above & Beyond Your Daily Omega-3 Needs

Our fish oil is sustainably sourced from wild-caught, cold-water anchovies from the South Pacific Ocean.

In contrast, many omega-3 products are sourced from different types of fish (of varied quality) and fisheries all over the world, which yields a higher carbon footprint and sacrifices overall product quality, as it’s much harder to control oxidation and purity. when multiple fish oils are combined in one mix.

With a single fish species that is both streamlined and clean, these factors are easily managed. The end result? An exceedingly high-quality omega-3 supplement. The pure anchovy oil in mbg’s omega-3 potency + goes above and beyond in the industry to prioritize purity and transparency.

We’ve even earned the seal of approval from ORIVO — an independent third-party testing certification technology that verifies the transparency and authenticity of the fish origin (ie, the fish species and its area of ​​origin in the ocean). It is extremely rare to find this designation on fish oil products (especially those sold in the United States).

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