An Esthetician’s 3 Tips To Try New Skin Care Products


Aguilar says it’s best: “A healthy skin routine is no different than a healthy lifestyle — they’re both meant to be practiced every day.” We couldn’t agree more, Aguilar.

As fun and restorative as skin care can be, it’s also not something to mess around with. You are dealing with the human body’s largest organ, after all, so when you’re trying out a new product, you should put time and effort into following the directions on the label and staying consistent.

Aguilar will also only add one piece of “homework” at a time. For example, rather than bombarding her clients with serums and potions, she often starts with a simple daily ritual: Drink more water. “I’ll tell them, ‘For this month, I want you to practice drinking more water every single day.’ And then when their next visit comes, we add another piece of homework or another product to add in, ”she says.

Not only is this technique helpful for tracking results with each product and practice, but it also gives you enough time to build a habit before folding into another addition. Read: Creating meaningful changes to your lifestyle and skin care routine doesn’t happen overnight.

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