Energy Reading For March 15–22, 2022: Finding Peace & Freedom


The first part of the energy this week feels like a wave (we’re still in Pisces seasonafter all) pushing towards and against us.

I feel we are all affected by the heartbreak and destruction happening in Ukraine right now. When I sit with this feeling, my guides tell me that “There is always war, there is always love, there is always heartbreak, and there are always levels upon levels of joy. All these streams of energy are happening at all times. You can be made more aware of one as you are less aware of another. It is possible to tune into peace even as war abounds. ”

Now, let me mention a huge caveat: I am not directing this to the victims of the conflict in Ukraine or their loved ones. The message isn’t, “No biggie, folks! Just like, find your personal freedom within it. ” Not at all. Their struggle is one that I cannot pretend to understand or feel. This message is for those of us who are watching this violence from afar but still feeling it ourselves on some level. (Remember: We’re all connected.) It feels like it did during the height of the pandemic, when we were all weighed down with heavy energy at all times. We can’t help but feel the struggle of others within ourselves.

So, how can we show up for those who are suffering but find our own sense of peace? What I’m seeing is a surfer in the ocean — going underneath the wave. There is a new flow, a new direction, where you can find connection both to your heart and to what makes you feel alive. It exists and it’s calling on you to ask yourself, Where do I want to direct my energy? What actions can I take to direct my path the way I want it to go? How can I connect to peace in my life now?

Sometimes the best path to finding who we truly are is by following the joy. And I do see a decision early in the week coming up that asks us, Is it possible to pivot and focus on where I am most connected to my heart? It feels to me like a path to the freedom of who we really are. This doesn’t mean putting your head in the sand — it means choosing to focus on what makes you come alive.

Then, at the end of the week, it feels to me like we get a breath of fresh air; A feeling of relief and a sense of wanting to rush into it (possibly because of the heavier energy earlier in the week). I say go ahead and rush into it.

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