Feel Stronger And More Confident After This 5-Minute Mobility Workout

We can all benefit from more confidence — whether it’s at work, in our personal lives, or before a tough workout. The thing is, confidence is like a muscle — the more you work it, the stronger it gets. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Under Armor and fitness expert Meghan Hayden to bring you our confidence-building Fit From Within series. In this video, Meghan introduces you to Animal Flow, a ground-based movement designed to boost power, flexibility, and mobility. As these strength-building moves and visualization get you feeling strong and clear-minded, you’ll finish this routine with the keys to confidence.

All you’ll need for this workout is your body and some space to move around freely! And for an outfit that’ll go wherever you flow, check out Under Armor’s Innovative UA RUSH SmartForm fabric that will fit the unique shape of your body — even in motion. Confidence isn’t just about trusting ourselves to go the distance, but our apparel too!

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