Here’s How This One Device Can Revamp Your Whole Skin Care Routine


For most of us, beauty-tech feels like a foreign concept, but the BEAR is the perfect device for dabbling in what many are considering “the future of beauty.” At its essence, this handheld device uses toning microcurrents and T-Sonic ™ technology to firm the skin and sculpt the face. We’ll translate. Microcurrent technology utilizes low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate the skin and muscles below. As a dermatologist Anita Sturnham, MDdescribes: “The microcurrent is thought to switch on muscle activity, improving facial tone. It also increases levels of a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which your cells use for energy and is crucial for cellular functions, including collagen formation.”

These microcurrents actually mirror the body’s natural electrical currents, helping to tone facial muscles, tighten the skin, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. To put it even more simply: This tech is like a workout for your face. (Where do we sign up?)

We know that electrical impulses sound a little intense, but the BEAR also features an Anti-Shock System ™ with ultra-smart sensors that scan and measure your skin’s resistance to electricity faster than you can blink (literally). This completely eliminates any risk of shock, making this device the safest microcurrent device on the market. “Not only is this device superior in terms of power settings,” Sturnham describes. “It also delivers the current faster than its competitor devices, so treatment time is quick.” Plus, with the coinciding FOREO For You app that saves your preferences and offers guided facial fitness routines, this device doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to transforming your skin care routine.

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