Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill Review – Connected Workouts Without Subscription

More technological treadmills I want to lock you into a proprietary training program. If you want to use a NordicTrack treadmill, for example, you need to use the company’s streaming platform for live, on-demand workouts. It’s a similar situation with Peloton, Myx, and just about any other Internet-connected machine you’ll find, where you’ll have to charge a subscription fee to access your tape playback content.

Horizon 7.8 AT does not require this commitment. The smart treadmill works with fitness apps created by outside companies like Peloton, Zwift, Studio and Nike Run Club. Runners also have the option of not using any apps. If you don’t like streaming workouts, the 7.8 AT comes with a variety of workouts, including a 5K program for beginners; running for calories, time or distance; and Sprint 8, an eight-week 20-minute workout program designed specifically to burn fat.

The 7.8 AT also deviates from the current trend of streaming training by giving up a video monitor of any kind. There’s a 9.3-inch LED display that shows dynamic workout data such as speed, pace, incline, and run time, but this screen doesn’t play video programming or entertainment. Instead, there are two shelves in the center of the console (one higher, one lower) that securely hold a phone or tablet in place. This allows runners to play whatever they want with their own devices, a Nike Run Club workout, a Peloton running class, a podcast or a Seinfeld episodes.

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Your device connects to your treadmill via Bluetooth, so if you’re using a running app, Horizon can resend race data to your mobile app so you can keep track of your workouts. You can also play music or the soundtrack of your video using the 7.8 AT’s dual front-facing speakers. And you don’t have to worry about your device dying, as there’s a charging input built into the treadmill console.

The 7.8 AT is Horizon’s premium treadmill. It features a large 22 by 60-inch platform with the company’s most powerful engine inside, a chest strap with a heart rate monitor, and the aforementioned Bluetooth capability. While loaded, the 7.8 AT is at the lower end of the $ 1,999 top-tier treadmill price range. There are also some additional savings because no subscription is required to use it, which could save you hundreds of dollars in membership fees each year.

Horizon offers five more treadmills. In addition to the 7.8 AT, the Studio series has the 7.4 AT for $ 1,599 and the 7.0 AT, which has a slightly thinner operating surface, for $ 999. There are also three treadmills on the cheapest Go series, which start at $ 649.

In the race

Clearly, the ability to quickly adjust your mid-race workout is a priority for Horizon. There are quick-change buttons on both sides of the console to adjust the speed and inclination of the tread, as well as buttons to control your music in the center of the console. Two handles extend to the aisle with rollers at the end; the left roller adjusts the tilt and the right roller controls the speed. Two handle triggers reset the settings to zero if you’re gassed and need to stop, while the grip grip sensors give you a quick look at your heart rate.

The 7.8 AT includes a chest strap for Bluetooth heart rate monitor. If the monitor is not loaded or you do not feel like putting it on, you can just grab the handle sensors and measure your heart rate that way.

At just under $ 2,000, the 7.8 AT is at the lower end of top-of-the-line treadmill models, especially when compared to models like the NordicTrack Commercial X32i ($ 3,999) and the Platoon Tread starting at $ 2,495). So where does the money go? It is entering the 4-horsepower engine of the treadmill. The largest engine in the Horizon line, is designed to respond to your adjustments and increase speed and inclination quickly. And it is a great success in this department. Each time he made an adjustment, the platform responded immediately without any delay.

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