How to keep your face warm while cycling in winter [TOP TIPS]

As your seasons get colder and darker, finding the motivation to ride a bike becomes more demanding.

If you have the strength, energy and willpower to jump out of bed, before consuming the oats during the night carefully prepared the night before and then get on your bike, all within 20 minutes of waking up , you are a hero.

Whether it’s a daily commute or a workout, or even going shopping, riding a bike sometimes requires effort on its own, especially if the weather is the opposite.

Getting the right clothes, properly layered in anticipation of adverse conditions can seem like a daunting task. But modern cycling clothing is advanced enough that you can carry less weight, hold less moisture, and feel more comfortable than ever.

The core of the body, the torso, is the area most needed to stay warm and for good reason. It contains the vital organs that keep you moving and safe when driving. The feet and hands are also often protected, as they tend to feel the heat that leaves them quickly.

The face is a cold sensitive area and we will look at some of the ways it can be protected without compromising and we look forward to sharing the benefits of staying warm as the scale of the thermometer goes down.

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Why does my face get so cold when I ride a bike?

As an effective regulator of temperature and also our best lifesaver, when it is cold the body tends to move the blood inwards and closer to the vital organs to protect them, so the limbs are difficult to warm up. The face, feet, and hands are usually the first to feel the cold.

It’s a good idea to want to keep those digits and face warm.

Whenever you exercise, your body creates some heat. The body finds a way to escape this heat. The pores of the skin open to allow more blood flow and try to cool you down. This helps to lower the body temperature.

The blood vessels in the cheeks open, or dilate, and send this heat to the surface of the skin, where it radiates. Think of the athletes you’ve seen on TV if you don’t want to miss the long-distance running races at school in the winter. Or have a good memory of a children’s book or poem about pink-cheeked children playing outside. The regulation of the body recognizes the cold and acts.

How do cyclists keep their faces warm?

Choosing the right clothing to keep your face warm is vital to a pleasant bike ride in the cold. Protecting your face from the elements is good for physical protection and reduces anxiety levels by limiting the discomfort you feel. Keeping the cold out helps you go further.

How can I protect my face while cycling?

Let’s take a look at some of the garments available to keep your face warm and dry with the cold. Some of them are very versatile and have a wider application in the world. Most have their uses outside of cycling in the urban environment.

You need to make them an early part of your cycling routine, as it is virtually impossible for most of them to fit over a helmet. They’re great with cycling caps and only need minor adjustments to work with the glasses you wear with your rides.

Cycling snoods

A snood is defined as a network for the hair. They were popular in the factories when it was necessary to remove the hair from the face and go up the back of the head.

They are very functional and these days they have developed more material around the neck. They are a tube-like construction designed to be placed up to the head and pulled back from the neck to the face.

In general, there is enough material to fold over the face for more protection or pull down to protect the face and neck. The material is usually man-made. It is also versatile to help with rain. Size is vital to avoid pressing your face. You can work around cycling glasses or sunglasses.

The Buff Merino Snood neck warmer is made from 100% natural merino wool which is warm in cold conditions. One of its other properties is that it is extremely resistant to odors. It is also versatile and a classic that you can use for other cold days.

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Cycling mask

Facial masks are usually functional and specific to a purpose. Some have adjustable nasal strips and even a small gap in the nose area to help with increasing the workload of breathing exercise. They fit around the face with hooks over the ears.

They can come in models that help with anti-pollution measures such as replaceable filters.

Its design may be more suitable for fast commutes when you know you will return to heat quickly. They may help you limit your intake of airborne particles, especially on your city trips.

The Castelli Viso face mask is a good wind and rain blocker, is well lined and also offers protection at the bottom of the ears.