How To Make An Easy Chocolate-Collagen Shaken Espresso

There’s been some discussion about it whether coffee is not-so-good for gut health. A terrifying question for us coffee lovers, but we’re in luck because the verdict is in: It’s not the best if you’re loading every cup with added refined sugar, a la traditional coffee creamers. But if you’re drinking black coffee or adding in minimal natural sweeteners, it can actually increase the diversity in the gut microbiome. Major sigh of relief.

After hearing this good news, we spent some time brainstorming about how to make coffee taste even better without all of the added sugar. The result? We landed on an iced chocolate shaken espresso that will leave your skin glowing and your gut happy. * You may think it sounds too frothy and decadent to be good for you, but trust when we say: This is one of the tastiest and healthiest ways to drink that daily cup … or two.

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