Kari Becken’s journey to the Alleluia diet

Learn about Kari Becken’s journey to the Hallelujah Diet and how it helped her overcome health challenges.

“All my life I have been, for the most part, blessed with good health. However, in December 2010 I began to face some difficult challenges. Abdominal pain literally scared me to eat and I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks without trying. I also experienced a loss of energy, a lot of fatigue and recurrent attacks of “tonsillitis”. I saw my regular doctor a couple of times, I had an ultrasound to rule out gallstones, I had a blood test to rule out mononucleosis, and unfortunately I did a couple of rounds of antibiotics to fight streptococcal pharyngitis and a possible deep infection of the inner ear.

Deep down I knew (and was afraid) that if I kept going to the doctor I would become a “guinea pig test subject” with no definitive results. I also knew that the symptoms I was having were caused by something and I wanted to find out what “that thing” was and not just treat the symptoms.

So I started researching diet and nutrition on my own and consulted with a local chiropractor / nutritionist. In my life a gluten-free diet, probiotics, digestive enzymes, HCL for a low stomach acid and other natural supplements were implemented. I became a member of the local whole food cooperative and started eating everything organic. I also quit most meat and dairy and increased my intake of gluten-free vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains as I continued to learn. I have come a long way and I have not had to go back to the doctor.

What started out as a “health scare” has become a joy with thanksgiving because it opened my eyes to the importance of diet and nutrition. Learning and sharing with others the truth of how God designed our bodies to heal themselves has become a passion in me, only after the scriptures. I want to serve my king wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly, and I want to echo Caleb’s words from chapter 14 of Joshua when he spoke of being as strong today (at 80) as he was when he was 40.

I mean I feel so strong and healthy, if not more so, today at 40 than when I was 20! I have also realized that for those who like to make changes in this area, it must be more than talking about information, they must see the reality manifested in my life. Therefore, I want to be a walking billboard – set aside for the glory of the Almighty – of what our lives can and should be when we live and walk in their ways. The training of Hallelujah Acres Health Minister is an exciting step for me; a step that I hope will increase my understanding and help me reach many others! “

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