Methylation, MTHFR & The Silent Problem No One Is Talking About


Through this part of my health journey, I discovered that more than 50% of the US population struggles with the same issue I do: individual genetic variation in the MTHFR gene that can result in varying degrees of suboptimal methylation. As it turns out, the MTHFR gene codes for the MTHFR enzyme, which is critical for activating folate (vitamin B9). In turn, active folate (5-MTHF) drives essential biochemical pathways forward in the body, enabling healthy homocysteine ​​levels and also fueling methylation. *

Essentially, this means that the body’s methylation cycle cannot skip along at the speed it should be due to an MTHFR gene variant that over 150 million Americans have but few are aware of. This widespread issue has massive implications given that methylation can affect everything from cardiovascular and neurological health to detoxification, oxidative stress balance, energy, protein balance, longevity, and more.

The most surprising part of this story? Physically, I felt totally fine when I discovered my homocysteine ​​results. I had no obvious signs whatsoever. That’s why I can say firsthand that suboptimal methylation is one of the biggest, most silent issues when it comes to our health and longevity, yet very few even know it exists.

Within months of proper supplementation with an array of bioactive B vitamins and betaine, my homocysteine ​​dropped from 63.3 umol / L to 12.2 umol / L. * (To put this in perspective: The gold standard range for homocysteine ​​is less than 15 umol / L , so this 12.2 result was life-changing for me).

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