Mobility Matters At Any Age. Here Are 5 Practices For Supporting Your Joints


We tend to take mobility for granted — that is, until something changes (just think about the inconvenience of a sprained ankle!). The National Institute on Aging defines mobility as “the ability to move or walk freely and easily,” but it also includes the range of motion of our joints. As we get older, mobility often declines, with major implications for quality of life and daily activities. But this trajectory is not a guarantee, especially if we are proactive about keeping our joints healthy starting, well, yesterday.

The joints in our body are ultimately what enable our skeleton to move about. But over time, joint tissues can weaken, either through natural “wear and tear” and / or inflammatory pathways. Prioritizing mobility and supporting our joints are one and the same. From a more active lifestyle to a supportive supplement like + PlusCBD Relief Softgelswe can all cultivate a more flexible future. * You can prioritize mobility, starting today, with these five simple practices:

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