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While major health care institutions, doctors, and Western culture have convinced you that prescription drugs and medicines are the answer, you have been deceived. Treating health problems with medication only masks the symptoms and, in most cases, leads to a long list of negative side effects. In addition, most prescription drugs lead to nutrient depletion, as our Hallelujah Diet health experts have explained.

Instead of filling the body that God created in His image and likeness with harmful pills, consider how food can be a medicine for the body. Every day people discover that the answer to their health problems lies in simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Feeding your body with healthy raw ingredients can kick-start the miraculous self-healing abilities that each person has been endowed with. Herbs, spices and traditional foods have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries. These options can help reduce symptoms, give you energy, and improve your mood.

Consider these natural remedies that you can find at home:

1. Raw garlic
According to Dr. Ax’s Food is Medicine, garlic can serve as a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with the power to fight fungal and viral infections. Garlic is a great source of flavonoids and many other vital nutrients, making it an ideal choice for fighting allergies, colds and coughs and inflammation. Garlic consumption can increase the functioning of the immune system and has been shown to have an impact on diabetes and heart disease.

Garlic is beneficial for much more than just cooking.Garlic is more beneficial than cooking.

2. Ginger
Another antioxidant, ginger has been used to soothe stomach aches and nausea for centuries. As Health has explained, it can also improve the cramps that accompany menstrual cycles. It works by increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles of the abdomen, relieving discomfort. In some cases, it has also been shown to relieve pain.

3. Lemon
Have you ever wondered why lemon is promoted as often as its own cleaning agent? This is due to the strong antibacterial properties of this fruit. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, making them a great protector against the flu, colds and infections. With its citric and ascorbic acid properties, lemon is also ideal for calming the digestive tract and promoting a healthy balance of pH levels. At Hallelujah Diet we recommend incorporating lemon and its natural healing properties into your daily habits.

4. The matrix
Although not as well known as other herbs, matricaria has a number of properties that can improve your health. As The Alternative Daily explained, its number one benefit is to relieve severe headaches and migraines.

“Matricaria is best known for relieving migraines and headaches.”

This herb is believed to reduce severe pain by decreasing the release of serotonin while slowing the creation of histamine, two chemicals linked to migraines. Matricaria is also known to help improve skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and relieve cramps and arthritis pain.

5. Coconut oil
Another remedy that works as a healthy food and a natural remedy, coconut oil has large amounts of vitamin E, our health experts explained. As such, it is a great option for treating cuts, dry skin and cracked lips. It can also serve as a hair conditioner that reduces damage and restores protein. Adding coconut oil to your diet can also help lower cholesterol and improve metabolism.

Before refilling your next recipe, first consider the natural remedies you have at home.

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