Sustainable wines and food in Winterlust

It is likely that when you think about the ecological footprint of your consumption, the impact of the wine you choose for dinner is not the first thing that comes to mind. You may have noticed the growing popularity of organic or biodynamic wines on the shelf, but the extent to which this implies true sustainability depends on the vineyard.

gardens in Kendall-Jackson

The famous Kendall-Jackson Gardens

A recent New York Times article showed some of the group’s leaders, suggesting that Sonoma County is the pioneer of wineries that practice putting the planet first. As part of a larger agricultural push toward regenerative agriculture, the article cites Sonoma vineyards that have been taking steps to sequester carbon and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. His list begins with Kendall-Jackson, whose vision of sustainability is a 360 ° vision that incorporates water conservation, solar energy, land conservation, and social practices, such as supporting more than 50 non-profit organizations and offer a minimum wage of $ 15.

But there is one element of the Kendall-Jackson land-focused approach that is unique to them: Tucker Taylor, director of Kendall-Jackson Culinary Gardens. With a career spanning five years as a cultivator of Thomas Keller’s famous The French Laundry in Napa Valley, he now oversees the famous Kendall-Jackson Gardens. These seven gardens, over four acres, earned the Slow Food Snail of Approval in 2021 and provided organic produce for no less than 25 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Tucker Taylor

Taylor’s propensity to harvest some of the most unusual vegetation in Northern California will be of particular benefit to Winterlust guests: Kendall-Jackson, as host of the dinner program at Wanderlust’s first microfestival, used Taylor to contribute. there are some very special things. small organic radish i organic tatsoi (microverds) on the plant menu they helped design at Winterlust. You can be sure that these unique flavors will blend perfectly with hand-selected selections by the KJ Wines team.

If you can’t enjoy these specially selected combinations with us at Taos Ski Valley in Winterlust, we’ve called Kendall-Jackson’s experts for some “winter white” tips to make the most of the snowy season:

  • Are you looking for a wine to bring to a party that everyone will enjoy? Arrive with Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay. A wine that the crowd liked for almost three decades, this wine is the most popular Kendall-Jackson wine. It is fruity, divinely complex, accessible and exceptionally fit for food.
  • Does talking about snow leave you shivering and dreaming of the tropics? Then Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay is the winter white for you. This Santa Barbara Chardonnay is rich with aromas of tropical fruit, lemon, lime and floral, and a touch of vanilla and spice completes the finish. Plenty enough to combine with roasted winter root vegetables and more.
  • If you have consecutive holiday parties and want to keep things light, Kendall-Jackson’s new Chardonnay Lower Calorie is your favorite wine – bright and balanced, offering the quality you know and love with just 85 calories and 3 grams of carbs. per serving.

When it comes to raising a glass this winter, it’s helpful to look beyond the label to find out what wine you’re choosing to “go back to the garden” is doing. In the words of Tucker Taylor, “For me, [sustainability] it is a practice, a way of life. I believe that grapes, or any kind of product, produced in a sustainable way are not only better for the environment, but better for society. “

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