The 7 Best Collagen Powders + Dosage, Formats & More


First off: collagen is a family of proteins that are the most abundant proteins in the animal kingdom. There are at least 28 kinds of collagen (that we know of) that exist, but types I, II, and III are the most common in the human body. We actually make our own collagen via the cell’s fibroblasts — but that production declines with age and other factors. Collagen is perhaps most famous for its role in keeping skin firm and lifted, but it’s present in other areas of the body such as bones, cartilage, and muscle. *

Because collagen is so remarkable for overall health, many have come to ingest the protein via collagen supplementation. Collagen supplements are broken down, digestible forms of collagen (derived from things like cows, fish and chickens) that are capable of being absorbed by the body, traveling to where they can be best used. * If you want a full breakdown of their benefits , please visit our guide to collagen supplementsbut as an overview they can help with skin hydration and elasticity, hair health, nail strength, gut support, bone and joint health, and muscle mass. *

Collagen supplements can come in many forms (liquid, gel, and gummies), but powders tend to be the most ubiquitous on the market. Collagen powders are exactly as they sound: A powdered format of these peptides that can be added to foods, smoothies, coffee, or even water.

Looking for some powders to try? Here’s our list.

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