The Best Sunset Projection Lamps To Buy In 2022 + How To Use

If you’re looking to use a sunset projector lamp to support your internal clock, you’ll want to turn it on when the sun outside is actually setting, to simulate the colors you’d see out in nature. “A gradual fading of light might also help as well, to simulate dusk,” Grandner explains.

While Zeitzer notes that a sunset projector lamp alone probably won’t have too big of an impact on your sleep body clock, if it reminds you to dim the rest of your lights and begin the wind-down processit will be a health investment well spent.

Grandner adds that if your lamp comes with multiple color options, you can switch to its bright white-, blue-, or green-enriched hues in the morning, “since they send a ‘daytime’ signal to your brain. That signal, when received early in the day, can help wake you up, increase daytime energy, and even improve mood during the day. “

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