The sessions of TEDMED 2020 – TEDMED Blog are announced

Inspiring a healthier humanity requires that we push ourselves to drive progress as we reflect on the amazing accomplishments we have achieved. At TEDMED 2020, we will connect with an invisible force that has been pushing humanity forward for millennia:wonder. To experience wonder is to experience the power and possibilities that lie beneath the surface waiting to be discovered.

As our 2020 stage program and community conversations evolved, we began to see the power of wonder in the play. From the great wisdom that can be found in wonder to the duality of wonders of the human mind, wonder abounds at TEDMED 2020. As such, we are pleased to share with you our five 2020 sessions:

Our Editorial Advisory Board and 2020 researchers have been deeply involved in shaping our stage program and on-site conversations. As our community always does, they generously gave their time, experience, and wisdom to create this year’s experience. We hope you will join us from March 2nd to 4th like us give way to wonder in Boston, MA. If you are so inspired by these speakers and sessions, we are, we are still in time to be part of this passionate community. Be sure to register and secure your place at TEDMED 2020!

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more details about the event. To stay informed, subscribe to our newsletter and subscribe to the TEDMED blog.

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