The three letters that help with muscle recovery

When it comes to exercise, we all want the best results. Toned arms, a tight belly or a booty worthy of boasting, we know these things are not easy. Maybe for you, they are 100 xaturangas a day, or increase the resistance to your reformer. Maybe you spend another 20 minutes in the Platoon, or finally sign up for the bar class you wanted to try.

Whatever your version looks like, we agree that hard work is worth it, but sometimes we need a boost. Maintaining optimal muscle health and improving muscle recovery after exercise is not easy, but it does mean getting the results you want.

Nirvana yogaThere are three magic letters that can be the newest and best kept secret in the health and wellness community to achieve your training goals. HMB is a small but powerful substance that plays an important role in maintaining muscle health and promoting the muscular recovery of our body.

HMB, or its scientific term, β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate, is a substance that occurs naturally in the body during the breakdown of leucine, an amino acid that improves muscle protein and aids in muscle repair. Produced only in small amounts in the body, HMB depletes after exercise and of course as we age. This precious compound helps to promote muscle growth, maintain muscle mass, increase performance, and aids in muscle recovery.

And because it is found in such small amounts, many people take HMB in the form of supplements or by introducing it into their diet. HMB is produced during the breakdown of the amino acid leucine, so protein-rich foods such as milk, Greek yogurt, soy, beef, chicken, and fish are good sources of HMB. Avocados, grapefruit and cauliflower also have small amounts; however, the amount needed to really promote muscle health cannot be supported by diet alone.

Nirvana yoga girlEnter Nirvana Water Sciences. For the first time, water is infused with HMB. Nirvana HMB spring water is a natural and effective way for muscle well-being. It helps increase muscle strength and capacity through training and exercise, and decreases muscle loss and degradation due to aging and various activities. Drinking Nirvana HMB spring water reduces muscle recovery time from exercise, breakdown, pain and injury. For almost 600 muscles in the body, it is the ultimate form of muscle nirvana.

And it’s not just any water. A rare phenomenon gives us Nirvana spring water. Deep underground in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, on 1,700 acres of protected wildlife, two ice-age aquifers run on pure water. It flows underground until it touches the limestone rock, throwing it to the ground and forming natural springs. A natural force of nature 1.5 billion years in development. This is Nirvana.

Nirvana Water Sciences has a different natural resource than any other, and it takes that responsibility seriously. The company He designed an efficient bottle from recycled PET (post-consumer resin) and manufactures each bottle on site as needed every day. It is a state-of-the-art, single-source, environmentally friendly process that means less plastic, less waste and more peace of mind to focus on your muscle health.

So if you want to hit harder tomorrow and increase the long-term results of your exercise routine while staying well hydrated, make Nirvana HMB spring water a part of your daily practice. . Your muscles will appreciate it.

cameron machellCameron Joy Macell is a travel writer and journalist. His work has been featured in Wanderlust, Far & Wide, The Martha’s Vineyard Times and the New Hampshire Business Review. He made the mistake of traveling a long time ago and his adventures have led him to chase the aurora borealis through Iceland, camp under the stars in the Sahara desert and drink kava with the Fiji chiefs. When she is not traveling, you can find her at home in New England, practicing yoga and hiking with her Bernese Mountain Dog.

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