Time To Allow & Release

The energy this week comes with two signatures: allowing and releasing. I feel a surge in the beginning of the week that brings with it the possibility to get lost in an old dysfunctional pattern, then an even more powerful influx of love coming in, followed by a releasing of all the old patterns that initially came in. And of course, expect all the feels — we are still in Pisces season after all.

It looks to me like a similar wave of emotionally packed patterns that we felt last week, only this time in the very beginning, it might feel like you’re being engulfed in it. This is the natural spiral of growth we all experience when we’re working on ourselves, where you might get stuck in an old belief for a minute.

Growth is so rarely a straight line. When we set out to purposefully change family patterns, or beliefs that are holding us back, we will be triggered — but that doesn’t mean we aren’t growing. And we can tell when we’re growing by how we react to the trigger, not by the fact that we’re triggered alone.

In my workbook on triggers, I talk about how they’re simply an opportunity to work through what isn’t serving you. Here comes a totally cheesy but accurate analogy: it’s actually like a gift at a white elephant party that no one chooses, but when you finally unpack it, you realize it’s the best one.

Now that we are armed with all the self-compassion that comes with that understanding, here’s the energy report for the week.

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