Wanderlust Drinking carefully may be the answer to reducing your carbon footprint

“Every action generates a force of energy that returns us in the same way” – Swami Vivekananda

The environment and climate change are a hot topic of conversation right now, from forest fires to flash floods, fast fashion and carbon emissions. But what about alcohol? Have you ever considered the environmental impact of your favorite glass of wine or a night out with friends?

Alcohol can not only be harmful to the mind and body but also to the environment. From the cultivation of the ingredients and the amount of water, fertilizer, soil, energy and machinery used during the production process, to the packaging and miles of air it travels as it heads towards you.

Choosing a more alcohol-conscious approach to drinking less, or opting for a low-alcohol alternative this dry January and beyond, can improve your environmental game. As we all know, conscious drinking is not just about your immediate relationship with alcohol, but also about how our actions have a direct effect on the world around us. Conscious drinking and living a more sustainable life really go hand in hand.

“By simply switching to low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages, you could start reducing your carbon footprint by up to 14%. an individual who makes more informed sustainable decisions. ‘*

So the next time you start questioning your relationship with alcohol, it’s as if you’re wondering: why you drink, what and when you drink, who you drink with, how it makes you feel really drunk, and whether you even need or you want this drink, includes something extra. questions like; how and where this product was made and by whom, what ingredients are there and how they have been grown, how it is packaged and how far it has taken to get to me.

Taking a more conscious approach to anything can be quite overwhelming, as there is so much to think about and consider. Fortunately for us, there is now a growing selection of options to help you make it easier. Low, non-alcoholic alternatives are flooding the market, full of healthy ingredients for sustainable farming and boosting the immune system, using clean energy for manufacturing and transportation. Many come in eco-friendly packaging, creating by-products from their waste, funding environmental research, supporting local communities and ensuring good working conditions for their employees.

Therefore, whether you decide to opt for a low-alcohol alternative or give up alcohol altogether, you can expect more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, an enhanced immune system, better brain function, better concentration levels. and more control over your day to day. decisions. All while knowing that you are doing your part for the planet and future generations.

Why not use your purchasing power and choose the best options for you and the planet? Creating a healthier you and a planet.

  • Actively consider the amount of alcohol you consume daily or weekly and your motivation to drink.
  • Plan ahead. Find out which low-alcohol, non-alcoholic options are available for you.
  • Choose local and sustainable brands.
  • Opt for glass or aluminum containers instead of plastic.
  • Remember that the higher the alcohol content, the higher the carbon footprint per liter.
  • Choose low-alcohol organic beverages, such as hearty cocktails, wine and beer as much as possible.
  • Sign up before each drink to see if you really want to drink it and how you feel at that precise moment.
  • Savor each alcoholic beverage to really taste it and appreciate it with your five senses.
  • Have fun creating and experimenting with low-alcohol, non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • Try making your own beer or making your own wine.
  • Always recycle your glass and aluminum containers.

Bacardi’s goal is to be the world’s most environmentally friendly spirits beverage company and to be 100% plastic-free by 2030. They also carry out a series of global initiatives to establish botanical agriculture in Ghana has irrigated water in India to grow vegetables for the local community and they have planted over 200,000 trees in Scotland, Mexico, India and the USA.

Bacardi offers conscious cocktails that contain less than 1 unit of alcohol and a variety of options to suit your lifestyle. If you want to “remove” alcohol completely, you can choose for a Spritz Vibrante, “replace” with lower ABV options like La Vie En Rose or try a Spritz Mojito with 25ml instead of 50ml to “reduce” alcohol intake.

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Please enjoy responsibly, drinkware.co.uk by the facts

* Source: https://drinklow.com/are-low-alcohol-drinks-sustainable/


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Aunt Grazette is the creative director and founder of Le Good Society, an environmental awareness initiative. He has worked for many brands and magazines, such as; British Vogue, Tatler, Levi’s, Soho House and the BBC, as well as creating their own world issues and an urban art magazine. An advocate for the environment and social injustice, she has also worked on various global environmental awareness campaigns, such as the Plastiki expedition. And he has appeared in The Financial Times, Eco Age, Wonderland Magazine and Vegan Life, among other publications. A lover of all things health and holistic. She is a healer with training in Reiki and Energy and a lover of yoga

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