Wanderlust is not just for kids: life balance hobbies

When you are stressed, tired, or just overwhelmed, self-care is often the last thing on your list. Research shows that taking time to play a little every day, finding work-life balance, works wonders in relieving fatigue, increasing health and rejuvenating the senses.

But how to start? Start by grabbing something to write on. On the left side of your paper, make a list of 10 things you wish you could do. Some of these can be great goals, such as planning a trip abroad or mastering a perfect hand stop, and some can be small, maybe a diary every evening, or a coffee with friends. Then on the right, make a list of everything you do honestly in a week. Now, compare the two columns.

You may be surprised at what you see: I was. Why are all the amazing things I enjoy doing on the left and why don’t I do them more often? We are much more likely to have time for the things we think we should do and move away from the things that really make us happy just because they are lower on our priority list.

So how do we bring something fantastic back into our lives? Simple: Start small. Set aside 30 minutes each day to decide on something from the left that you want to introduce into your life and then do it. This does not necessarily mean jumping on the computer and booking the first flight to Bali … The process of getting your life back in a simpler (and cheaper) way means finding out what interests you and moving forward in that direction. . Not even sure where to start? Here are some conscious hobbies to get you started.

Personal improvement in numbers

Are you interested in self-improvement? Take a look at tantric numerology. Although the study of numerology is generally based on the calculation of the importance behind important dates in life, only tantric numerology is linked to the Kundalini teachings of Yogi Bhajan. As a personality test for your soul, your life path numbers can point you in the right direction on personalized mantras, meditations, and yoga exercises to help strengthen your emotional and physical weaknesses.

Write it down

If you like writing, decide to bring a diary. Do it Bullet Journal style! A bullet journal, or Bujo for those who know, is a customizable and forgiving organization system for your pending thoughts and tasks. The beauty of the Bujo system is that it is infinitely adaptable and physically tangible. Instead of keeping a mess of notes and ideas on your phone or computer, you have it in your hands. You can hold it, get it dirty, love it, look at it and be proud when you finish it. And with the madness of coloring books for adults in full swing, Bujo’s are really great. So great that they have sparked a wave of Bujo societies and meetings where you can go, meet other journalists and share ideas, tips and tricks to keep your life in order. Delicious paper articles and kind writers? Sign me up.

Learning to learn

Take a class! It’s never too late to start something new. From healthy cooking classes to aerial silks, glass blowing and vermiculture, take a look at what’s around you. Valuing yourself and your way of spending time sends a message to the world that you are worthwhile, that you are more than your job.

Make new friends

If you need time away from home, consider joining a group of monthly meetings. Aside from the usual beach yoghurt meetings and adorable dog park meetings, how about taking a look at something a little different, such as a group of urban gardeners or your local fermentation company? If there’s nothing like it in your area, maybe it’s time to have a pickle party.

Keep company with the characters

Do you like to read Create a reading club. What’s better than meeting your friends and talking about the latest bestseller? Gather with your friends to talk about the latest bestseller with wine, and maybe snacks, or maybe this new snack you learned in cooking class and, oh, a little bit of that new kombucha you just got. do, you know, your last meeting with fermentation. society. Do you see how it all comes together?

The trick to keeping it all going? Put it on the calendar. It’s much harder to skip things if you’ve already set aside time. In the time it takes to watch a bad TV show at prime time, you may be catching up with your reading, learning a new healthy recipe, or even meditating on the ultimate form of self-therapy.

If you think programming is not enough motivation in itself, stick a friend with you. It’s infinitely harder to rescue activities if you have someone to hold you accountable. And believe me, you’ll have to listen to it for weeks if you decide to go beyond the sunrise alarm to get out of bail on this hike date.

Keep it that way for a few months and make your original list again. I guarantee you will be closer to living the life you want.

CAT HeadNicole McLaughlin is a freelance writer living and working in San Diego. It focuses on healthy living, developing recipes and exploring the role that consciousness plays in leading a balanced life. Sea salt and chocolate are its weaknesses, as well as the promise of a good time. For more of her thoughts on life, the universe, and all things creative, follow her on Instagram.

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