What To Know About Aquamarine + Its Meaning


Given the name, it likely comes as no surprise that this gem has long been associated with the sea. According to crystal expert Heather Askinosie, rumor has it that aquamarine is considered the treasure of mermaids and linked with the calming, soothing energy of the ocean. “Aquamarine has a special connection with water, vibrating with the energy of fluidity,” she said previously wrote for mbg.

Thanks to that connection with water and the sea, Leavy explains that this stone is also related to emotions and intuition, helping to keep both calm and clear. This effect can also make it a great stone for communication and creativity.

She notes that in ancient times, sailors and warriors would wear it for protection, too. Ancient Romans also saw it as a token of friendship, especially when carved into the shape of a frog. “It was even thought that you could give an aquamarine frog to an enemy, and it would turn that person into a friend,” she adds.

Lastly, aquamarine was historically believed to rejuvenate marriage by rekindling love, passion, and desire, according to Leavy.

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