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One of the biggest parts of candle magic is understanding how to read the flame, as well as the wax, and even the glass surrounding your candle.

Quinn tells mbg that the flame size can tell you a lot about how much energy you’re working with. As you can imagine, a big flame means this is a very energized reading. If it’s small, it could indicate you’re dealing with a “slow burn” issue that may take some time to move through.

This is also true of the speed at which your candle burns. “If a candle burns really fast and really clean, then there aren’t a lot of limited belief systems or energy blocking that intention. If it takes a long time to burn, that could mean that you’re moving through some different challenges in order to get to that intention, “Quinn explains.

If the candle burns black on the clear glass, she adds, that also means there’s a lot of energy and belief systems to move through to help you get to your intention. (Just don’t confuse this for black on the glass left from your lighter—Always use a long candle lighter and light it from above to keep this from happening.)

Pay attention to the wax as well. When wax sticks to the sides of the glass, aka “tunneling,” this can indicate that you have resistance or “stuckness” on the way to your intention, Quinn says (or you’re just burning your candle incorrectly).

And lastly, keep an eye on the candle wick as well. If it starts splitting or you notice it’s moving in a certain direction, Quinn recommends asking your guides what they’re trying to tell you.

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