Why A Holistic Psychiatrist Shakes Her Body To Relieve Anxiety


Everyone reacts to stress differently, both mentally and physically. However, experts do have a bunch of general tips and tricks that can help your body and mind feel at ease quicker. If one stress-relieving hack doesn’t work for you, you can rest assured that there’s another technique to try just around the corner.

And if you find more than a few that work for you? Add them all to the roster! Just like you might have a laundry list of ways to take care of your body, it’s also important to have a few techniques in your back pocket whenever you’re faced with a stressful situation. One type of holistic psychiatrist Ellen Vora, MD., mentions on a recent episode of the mbg podcast is shaking your body to reset the nervous system. “I learned it over a decade ago,” she says, and she has relied on it ever since.

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