Why You Should Apply Hair Masks Before Your Workout


Point being, sometimes it helps to reflect on your upcoming social schedule and plan your hair care from there. (Unless you’re a fan of the slicked back lookthen by all means, slather on.) This approach has helped many of Hill’s clients actually stick to a healthy scalp routine: “On days when you don’t really care how you present yourself, you know that’s a [hair mask] day, ”Hill notes. Like, say, right before a sweaty workout, especially if you’re already planning on washing your hair afterwards.

“If you do a hot yoga practice, use those moments to incorporate the ritual of hair [care]”Hill adds. Not to mention, if you are partial to hot yoga, that heat can help open the hair cuticles and make it easier for the mask’s moisturizing ingredients to seep in; so this tip isn’t just about multitasking — it can also enhance your masking experience.

But before you head over to the gym with sopping strands, take note: You’ll want to use a lighter mask that absorbs into the hair easily. Stay away from goopy, butter-thick masks — while these are super hydrating for thirsty hair, you might make a mess of your yoga mat if there’s a ton of residue.

Rather, find a mask that easily slicks onto the hair, and when you run a wide-toothed comb to distribute, it should appear clear. You could even stick to a lightweight oil instead (pure argan oil makes a top notch hair treatment, FYI) and let that seep into the strands while you sweat. Gather your hair into a bun, and it should appear slick and shiny — as if you had simply skipped a wash day.

Your hair type will also have a say in the matter, as the mask you use will depend on how easily your strands drink it up. As our beauty director Alexandra Engler notes in the episode: “If you have dry and porous hair that tends to soak in products, this tip is effortless and not that noticeable.” If you have thin, fine hair that gets easily weighed down by product, the mask might look a little more obvious — which is totally fine, unless the saturated strands get in the way of your exercise.

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